Laser Vision/LASIK Consultation

The doctors of Eye Care Associates of Michiana are your trusted partners in laser vision correction. They keep abreast of the latest advancements in laser surgery – including the IntraLase method – and play an important role in your surgical decision. Here's why …


Laser vision correction, also known as LASIK, has helped hundreds of our patients achieve clear vision without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. However, it is much more than just a 15-minute procedure. It is surgery. And like any surgical procedure you may consider, it should be decided upon only after you have comprehensive knowledge about its benefits and risks.

When you schedule a LASIK consultation at our practice, your eye doctor will evaluate your eye health, calculate the refractive error in your eye, determine whether you are a suitable candidate for laser surgery, discuss with you the expected outcome versus risks, and recommend a qualified surgeon to perform your procedure.


To minimize the potential for surgical risk, it's important to receive an objective professional opinion regarding your candidacy for the procedure. After assessing your vision needs and lifestyle, your eye doctor can help you decide if laser surgery is the best option for you. Patients who bypass their trusted eye care provider and go directly to a laser center – which often employ commissioned patient consultants – run the risk of not receiving this critical objectivity.

Patient Selection

Your eye doctor will review your medical history, vision prescription, corneal thickness, and other factors to determine your suitability for surgery. Many of the negative outcomes reported by the media are a result of patients who should not have had the surgery performed in the first place. Patients who are good candidates for the procedure and who receive quality pre- and postoperative care have the best outcomes

Professional Code of Conduct

Although Eye Care Associates of Michiana is a progressive practice, it is rooted in traditional values that require the best interests of our patients to come first. We want to be your trusted eye care provider for a lifetime, not just for a procedure. Therefore, only after significant clinical data regarding the safety and effectiveness of laser vision correction, did we offer it as an option for vision correction to appropriate candidates.

To schedule a professional LASIK consultation with your eye doctor, please call our office at (574) 287-0890/South Bend or (574) 654-8806/New Carlisle.